Galion's Seasonal Variations

The present popular sledding hill is at the Powers Reservoir along Railroad Street.
Big Four Station
Track Side from Church Street 01-01-01
  The Railway Express end of the building 01-01-01
The Old Station celebrated its 100th Anniversary! December, 2000   A steady stream of visitors rode the motorized trolley car to and from the Public Square on Saturday, Dec. 2nd, 2000
What is this?...the street sweeper broken? (11-20-00)   That tree is as big as they can bring in for the Public Square Christmas Tree.
GHS Senior Band Members waiting their last time on the field (10-27-00)   Remember when you went out trick or treating? (10-29-00)
Church and Gill (10-18-00)
  A summer morning, 2001, North East corner of the Public Square.
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