Let's take in a show at the Galion Theatre

This was the last show of the 2003-04 season.
Be watching for the beginning of the next season this fall.

Ticket pickup table. It's a good idea to call in to reserve your tickets. (419) 468-2662 announces the show dates and times and has a recorder that asks for which performance and number of tickets you want.   Folks waiting inside in the comfortable air conditioned theatre to meet their friends. This is ending the 20th season and has always been popular entertainment here in Galion. With the recent improvements it should be even more so.

The original Art Deco neon lights give a different lighting in this area. Red helps to preserve your eye's ability to see in low light areas   Refreshments are available for a quick snack.

Rick Walker      Randy Mann      Jennifer Eachus, Musical Director/Pianist      Mark Roseberry      Dirk Eachus
Mike Schwall, Bass Player

The Audio Control Console. The sound system is exceptional, but there are individual wireless sound units available to borrow.   Tonight the sound engineer is Tim Groth.

Rick, Randy, Mark and Dirk sang song after song from the 50's and 60's era. It was a trip down Memory Lane for many in the audience.

A sing-a-long was inevitable for tonights show.   The songs were woven in and around a story line and the change to the plaid blazers was an earned reward near the end of the show. As usual an outstanding performance by local actors and presented by the many volunteers from the community. Remarkable! as they say.

Following the play the actors customarily greet the audience at the rear of the theater. The singers accepted an invitation to come out under the marquee for a picture.   This was a pleasant summer evening and folks stayed and talked awhile after the performance.

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