US Route 30's Relocation officially opens with a Ribbon Cutting

Galion had anticipated this four lane access for so many years. The day had finally come. Here is what it was like to be at the 9 A.M. ceremony on the morning of Thursday, August 4, 2005.

Click here to read the Galion Inquirer's front page story of the event.

Anticipating a crowd, the event was setup to be quite far down the new road at the Bucyrus end. Arriving at 8 A.M. still required quite a hike to get up to the big tent that had been erected on the West bound lanes.
Happy folks in this smaller tent were serving the crowd coffee and donuts through the courtesy of the local chamber of commerce groups. A band played on the other side of the West bound lane. As the time to start the ceremony approached the single line of cars in the East bound lanes became a double line seemingly reaching to the horizon. It soon became standing room only at the big tent.
Senator and Mrs Voinovich are greeted by Rep.Oxley and Ohio Dept of Transportation Director Gordon Proctor. The Colors were presented to begin the ceremony.
US Senator George Voinovich US Representative Mike Oxley US Representative Paul Gillmor State Rep Steve Reinhard.


Finally -the Ribbon Cutting. Wielding the big scissors are Bucyrus Mayor Dan Ross, Galion City Council President Dennis Little and Crestline Mayor Peter Dzugan. From left: Ross, Little, Voinovich, Oxley, Gillmor, Dzugan, State Senator Larry Mumper, Reinhard, and State Rep Bill Harnett.

Galion has its own city celebration for the US Route 30 Opening.

The Galionites in the caravan from Bucyrus exited the new Highway at St.Rt.598 (Portland Way North) and lined up again in the PECO2 parking lot with others from the city. They then reentered the new US 30. This caravan exited at the St.Rt 61 and proceeded to one of the new hangars at the Galion Airport for more celebration.

Click here to read the Galion Inquirer's front page story of this event.

Streaming down the entrance ramp, the Galion convoy was led by one of the Galion Fire Department's trucks. The gang up on the Fairview Road overpass were all waving and they were waving back.
Let the good times roll!

One of the wavers was this "town character" with his ever present camera caught by Jim and Erma Smith.
A nice big shady hangar prepared by Airport Manager Jim Graham was the destination. The City owned Galion Airport is just off the Rt 61 intersection.
Lively music played by our community band members made for an enjoyable Thursday morning.
Galion Community Improvement President Steve McElhatten. Tom O'Leary, Deputy Director of O.D.O.T.'s Divion 3., who was the state's Project Superintendent.
Joe Kleinknecht, Galion Industrial Development Director and
Dennis Little, City Council President
Phil Honsey, City Manager David Dayne, Past Chamber of Commerce Dir.
Carl Watt, Crawford County Commissioner Galion's State Senator Larry Mumper Our State Representative Steve Reinhard
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These are the two Galion intersections that were the prime subject of the speeches. On the left, looking North, is the Galion/Crestline St Rt 61 access. On the right, looking South is the Galion St Rt 598 intersection. At either one, Galion has the utilities there and ready for development. Call Joe Kleinknect, Galion Industrial Development Director at (419) 468-7737 or Fax at (419) 462-5487.
Galion has the prime land and an available work force.
The celebration was topped off with East of Chicago Pizzas and sodas. Everybody had the opportunity to sample all the different varieties that Galion owner Jared Thew brought out to the party for lunch.

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