Erection of the
Galion Veterans Memorial

Heise Park Veterans Triangle  

Memorial Paver Bricks: If you or a loved one is, or was, a veteran from the Galion area
and would like to have that name remembered here in Galion as serving your country,
it can be on an engraved Paver Brick among those that make up the Star shape around the base of the monument.
Click here for the Paver Brick Form (.pdf file) which can be printed out and mailed in.
An early Veteran's Memorial Commission meeting,Chairman Don Diosi, Sr. talking.     Landscape Architect Blake Raffeld explaining a detail.
Spotting the equipment.
  Checking the plans.
The 8,000 pound base coming up out of the trailer.
  Ice is used as a spacer to be able to remove the straps.
A light rain fell during the final placement.
  The results of the first day with the crane.
The crane is back for the middle section.
  Looks like it came up OK.
It's starting to take shape now.
  The five Branch of Service logos are sandblasted (engraved) into the mid section.
Galion's own Phil Sherman, Artist/Designer, readies the mask for Bob Johns, Engraving Specialist of Lima, OH, to sandblast this unique top section. Bob has worked on many of these monuments and is impressed with Phil's original design for our Veterans Monument.
The top has been delivered to the site.
  This was a great time for all of us with cameras.
And now for the Bronze Eagle.
  Some finishing touches for this day's progress.
The next evening after the top went up was the
"4th of July Fireworks".
  The Master Plan for the park improvements
Click here to see a larger image.
Picture courtesy of the City of Galion.
The new Flag Pole was rededicated prior to this year's Veterans Day Ceremony to replace the original placed in the Triangle in the late 40's by Art Shreck, steel erector, to honor two of his employees, Richard Sanderson and Darrell Caldwell, who died while serving our country in WWII.
Galion's Sgt. Major Ledford Jr. was the speaker for the 2nd annual Veterans Day ceremony at the Veterans Triangle Triangle. Galion's Firemen and Policemen were also honored.
  The Paver Bricks are being placed around the base in the form of a Star. Some of the veteran's bricks are already placed. Don't put off sending in your paver brick form.  
The weather finally breaks and the huge cement trucks are busy trying to keep up. The long awaited sidewalks are being placed on the Triangle, while another company is placing the curbs and a little over a mile of new sidewalks for the Park project.
  Five smaller flag poles surround the base of the Main Flag Pole. Just like the Monument, each Branch of Service is represented with its flag. At times, the POW-MIA flag will be flown on the poles to honor those men.
The Five benches were contributed by the five local Veterans organizations and are added at the end of the Star Points. They are a nice touch. When you sit on one and look up at the flag and eagle and then down at the bricks with all the veterans names you can slip back in time...
  Everything is coming together now. The rest of the improvements to Heise Park are starting to catch up and now there is a rush to have everything ready for the Park Veteran's Triangle to be dedicated on Armed Forces Day, May 18th.
The "instant" grass put the project over the top for an overall outstanding appearance on Dedication Day.
  Finished just in time for the Saturday Dedication.
Orders continue to be taken for all Galion area veterans, past and present, to have their names on one of the bricks surrounding the monument. Some of the forms are being sent in by the wives and children of veterans who are either too modest or as a memorial to those who have passed away.



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