Galion's 2003 fireworks display



Rotary looking toward 2004 fireworks display

The Galion Rotary Club, the sponsoring organization for the annual Fourth of July fireworks, is starting its fund-raising efforts with a citywide collection effort. The club had set a goal of $12,000 for the 2004 fireworks display. According to Kent Gimbel, president of the Galion Rotary, the needed funds for the 2003 fireworks was collected, but less than 200 businesses and individuals helped. The group is hoping that the entire community will pitch in and donate to the fund so that the $12,000 goal is met for the 2004 display.

The Galion Rotary Club is placing collection buckets in businesses and public places throughout the community. Rotary member Brian Treisch said that the group hopes to have over 100 collection points in place by Monday and the collection process will continue through Oct. 24 This is the first time that the Rotary Club has used this form of collection. The group will mail the business community in May of 2004 Gimbel said. .

The Rotary hopes to exceed last year's display as through the support of the community, the club has made each year slightly bigger and better. The 2003 display, which was delayed until Labor Day weekend because of weather in July, was the largest display of fireworks seen in Galion. The display cost $10,000. According to Gimbel the club has received great comments about this year's display. .

Other plans for the Fourth of July weekend are underway. The Galion Rotary plans to expand the activities of the celebration with other family oriented activities. As these plans become set, the club will update the media. .

The Galion Rotary Club has served Galion for over 75 years. Some of the projects that the Rotary Club does each year are the donation of a dictionary to every Galion fourth grade student, the annual Oktoberfest, and the Fourth of July fireworks display. .

Taken from a Thursday, September 11, 2003 Galion Inquirer article.

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