The Heise Park Olentangy River Erosion Control Project

Pictures taken late October to early December, 2003

The bank has slid into the river here. The Little League fields needed protection.   West of the Jefferson St bridge the protection was on the south side. It begins at the big pipe.   The machine fills the wire cages with limestone. Looking down from the Jefferson St. bridge.
The cages are packed a little tighter with human help.
  Recontouring the bank was the only requirement here.
Working their way down the north side passing the Log Cabin and the basketball courts.

The Swimming Pool's corner had a severe erosion problem before this work.   That little barge brings the stones within reach of the machine.   Protection juts out for the corner of the Swimming Pool.
The continuous new retainer is only on the north side from the Jefferson Street bridge to the Gill Avenue bridge.

View from the Gill Avenue bridge before the work.
  After. The only thing missing is the newly sowed grass.

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