Heise Park Lane's Reformation
Summer of 2002


The Lane was changed into a real street with curbs and 6 and 8 foot wide sidewalks from Gill to Portland Way and down Jefferson Street to Church Street. The total length of new sidewalks add up to just under a mile!

Storm drains and catch basins had to be taken care of first.
The new swimming pool's light blue water slide can be seen in the background. The old log cabin at the right was Galion's first library and was dismantled and moved from behind the present Library when the Library was upgraded and enlarged.

These orange barrels guard the curb excavation at the Walker Street end of the park. The street is slightly realigned here.
  The Vets Memorial Triangle had its monument erected the summer before, but had to wait for the rest to catch up.
The old one-way out of the park, the "y" segment to the right, to Gill Avenue is just about history at this point. It was later replaced with a nice sidewalk and a lot of grass.

A backing cement truck feeds the soft mix into the top of this slowly moving curb making machine.     The curb is "extruded" out at just the right height and location as guided by the yellow wire along side.
Veteran's Monument Commission members are interested observers from atop the kiddies twin slides. Commission Chairman Don Diosi, left with Monument Designer Phil Sherman.

Part of the new sidewalks coming in from Portland Way North. The sidewalks are 6 foot wide   except for in the parking areas where they are 8 feet wide to allow for the cars to overhang.

With the curbs and sidewalks being completed, the grinding down the old blacktop and in some cases building up the level of the new street has started.

The area in front of the Ticket Office has changed from mostly blacktop to grass.
Some extra large limestone was required in some places to get a good base for the new street.
The stadium was hosting a trackmeet the day the fill dirt was being placed behind the curb in the area of the former street going out.

Here is the Jefferson Street entrance, between the new Tennis Courts and the Little League Ball Park, being blacktopped.
  Late in the year the planting areas were populated with bushes and young trees. Here the street sweeper is being used as a water wagon.

Click Here to best see the new park appearance from a hundred foot aerial fire truck ladder vantage point.

Yet to come in 2003.. more lighting and benches along the sidewalks.

The upgrade plan view (obtained from the city) now has some additional information added and we are now looking forward for more improvements in this summer of 2003.

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