Final Thoughts

The Final Galion Day in Melbourne, Florida

This 2015 event was held on Saturday, February 28, at
the Lamplighter Village Community Center


Galion Day 2015 has come and gone. We packed up the boxes where we keep the supplies and the other items we use from year to year. It's a different feeling this year knowing that it's our last one. Starting in 1994, meeting at the local Woody's BBQ, nine Galion couples met for the first Galion Day. Twenty-one years later it is all over. From 1999 thru 2015, we missed one year due to Hurricanes in 2004. We had four venues for Galion Day, Lamplighter Village, River Lakes, Woody's and the Episcopal Church. All good things must come to an end.....

A lot of people need to be thanked, Margie (Wright) and Ron Martin, Zoe (Wright) and David Nawrocik, Dorothy (Bateman) Staub, Irene (Wright) and Glen Hinkle and Marilyn Ulmer just to name a few . A lot of others were there when we needed them.

We had 47 attendees for the final GD. It seemed like most attendees were sad that it was the last one, but when we asked if anyone would like to take over the reigns, there were no takers. The weather fit the mood that day. It was cold and rainy as if it knew we were finished. One of the bright spots, we had our family attending to help us clean up at the end of the day.

Judy & Bob

Photos and collage by Bob Johnston
The 2015 attendees to the final Galion Day in Melbourne


People in attendance were:

Dick & Zona Gail Atwood, Donna (Bateman) Bartholomew, John & Sharon Bateman, Gene & Joan Bersinger, Dave Bowlby, Luciano & Sara Castro, George Collins, Will & Sandy Day, Paul & Dee Gaukle, Ron Hoffman, Marie (Dagen) Hubley & Bud Luckock, Bob & Judy Johnston, Dave, Eric & Colin Johnston, Mike & Tiffany Johnston, Bill & Renee Lettiere, Margaret (Wright) Martin, Mary Lou (Gaukle) McClarren, Ken & Polly McMillen, David & Zoe (Wright) Nawrocik, John & Nancy (Bower) Reese, Richard Runge, Ken & Ann (Halsey) Shroll, Ray Spangler, Richard & Charlotte Tischer, Jim & Fern Tracy, Marilyn Ulmer, Mike Ventrone, Joe & JoAnn Wilcox

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