Galion's Station preservation Continues On

Even though the outside work had to be curtailed due to the cold winter weather the work continues inside on sealing up the building to preserve this grand old icon of our city.


The low February early afternoon sun models the masonry of Galion's old 1900 Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & St Louis (The Big Four) Train Station.


Inside the restoration work is continuing. The old Waiting room is a workshop.
  Back in the room behind the ticket window Tim Tischer is custom sawing pieces for the storm window project.
Rodney Imhoff is practicing his glazing skills
  Tim is checking a dimension on this odd storm window.
Trackside restoration and painting needs some warmer weather. Again that low winter sun, at mid morning here, makes a different picture of this often photographed old station.

The scaffolding is needed to reach this part of the building because the bucket truck doesn't have sufficient room on the track platform.
  Can it be that as soon as this summer rail passengers will again be looking up at this sign? Cross your fingers!
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