Galion Day Down in Melbourne, Florida

The yearly event was held on February 8th, 2003 at the
Lamplighter Village Clubhouse

Photo by Bob Johnston
The Galion cheering section!
The Clubhouse was easy to find even without that snazzy new Galion Day Banner above the entrance.
  Zoe and Judy at the registration desk greeting and visiting with all the Galionites as they arrived.

There were 82 in attendance this year. The hall was pleasantly decorated and Galionized with the tables dressed in what else.. but, Orange and Blue. It's a covered dish meal at noon and the food was just great. These Galion Girls can really cook.

Judy Breese Johnston and Zoe Wright Nawrocik are the girls that send out the invitations and will add your name and address to their list if you should like. They especially welcome the "snow birds" with their news from home. map caseThis facility can handle 350. All the Wright girl's and their families and Judy (Breese) and Bob Johnston, all helped to get the Clubhouse decorated and food set out and enjoy the day as much or more than the rest. They reported the oldest Galion Graduates were from 1946 and the most recent from 1976. As expected there is lot of hugging and handshaking going on as each newcomer would come in. One of the Wright girls can put embroidered images and characters on caps, shirts and bags. A generous quantity of these items were part of the door prizes. Naturally, they had Tigers or the word "Galion" or a big Orange and Blue "G" displayed very prominently.
     Some of the folks that came in to celebrate Galion Day are shown below.

Photo by Bob Johnston
Thank You Girls.
How about having more Galion Days all over the country? Zoe and Judy would be glad to share their experience in starting one in your area if you need help or encouragement. Give them an E-mail.
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