Galion Airport's Aviation Day draws all the area Airplane enthusiasts every spring for the annual
Pancake Breakfast and Rides Day.

Normally the area is pretty much off limits to the public because of safety concerns, but the annual Aviation Day is our day to come out and look around. The airplane rides for the kids had to be called off because of a brisk wind today. The Baloon ascension was also a casualty of the windy conditions.

This World War Two Stearman Trainer came in for the show. This and the C130's flyover pictures were taken by Galionite Fred Smith.
  And this advanced trainer from WWII was here and offered Photo Opportunities. Here is one for the photo album.
The Cleveland Wing of the Commemorative Airforce flew this WWII Navy SNJ Trainer down for us to see. They are a restoration group dedicated to keeping these old planes in the air. It is an expensive task and requires an effort to get the money by selling aviation goods and asking for donations.

  What an impressive old plane. This Cessna 195 is restored and kept in immaculate condition. We spectators, here in Galion, appreciate all the special aircraft that fly in on Aviation Day.

The pancake breakfast is always a feature of airport flyins. This morning's dining area was in the hangar behind the plane being helped through the area by the orange vested safety persons.
The Big C130 transport planes were from the Mansfield Air National Guard unit and came by around noon on one of their training missions.

Check out these radio controlled models. They didn't fly today, but will have their own annual weekend later this summer at the Shelby Airport. They are true to scale and luckily there was a plane here today that could almost keep up with their aerobatic capabilities.
There were special little cars for rides and a slide for the kids. The parking lot had food trailers set up for our lunch.

The Ultralite aircraft always generate interest because the rules for flying one are quite lax compared to a standard private aircraft. It's a lot more affordable to fly low and slow with one of these.

State of the art two passenger. These new planes are built from new generation materials called Carbon Fibers. Also check the preceeding picture.
And a four passenger version. The flight instruments are probably combined in two CRT displays with the new laser type gyros.
Fisher Ag Service from Morrow County Airport at Mt Gilead brought up two aircraft for the day. This Helicopter flew pretty steady the whole day. The stunt plane was the other crowd pleaser.

There were a lot of unforgettable times for the ones taking their first and perhaps only helicopter ride. The strong wind didn't seem to bother the helicopter much. These youngsters were not the least bit worried departing or coming back in.

"Butch" Fisher. Well known area Crop Duster, Aircraft Mechanic, Flight Instructor and all things aerial helps Galion Flight Instructor Ray Lyons properly fasten his parachute.
  "You ready Ray?".... "I'm ready Butch, lets get it on!".


If you love to watch planes takeoff and land, this is the place to be.
Watch for the next Galion Aviation Day in the middle of May next year. And if you should like to get into flying, go out to the Galion Airport and ask for Ray Lyons to get in touch with you. If you live closer to Mt. Gilead talk to "Butch" Fisher at Morrow County Airport.


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